Milking farm audit

We offer you a service of a technological expertise of your dairy farm (technological audit), followed by a detailed report containing practical recommendations from all areas of milk production (technologies, resources, personnel, material resources, economic aspects, veterinary, feed supply and many other things) to improve the efficiency of your production. The number of days for the audit depends on the size of the farm, location of the sites and many other factors. The final decision on the number of days needed for a dairy audit is taken after a thorough conversation with a customer and precise definition of the main purpose for the audit. 

The main objectives of the audit are:

A chance to understand a real production status at each site of a dairy farm. Analysis and evaluation have a fully objective character, as they are held by independent experts who are interested in the final results, but not interested in all internal characteristics of your business

A chance to obtain recommendations on how to optimize all of the production areas: management, organization, personnel, technologies, genetic material, veterinary; and on how to practically apply these recommendations to your farm 

A chance to get an advice on the most effective ways to use all available resources on a dairy farm

A chance to obtain recommendations on all of the possible ways to improve production efficiency and costs reduction

A chance to get a plan for further development of the farm and to set realistic production goals, which can be achieved by a proper use of available resources

A chance to get information on possible ways to upgrade the production and/or reconstruction (if necessary)

A chance to understand whether you want to have an additional training from qualified experts for your farm: in what production sectors and for which employees