Technological design of milk and beef cattle farms

We offer you to develop technological design documentation for your dairy or beef cattle farm. These materials may be used while working with investors, banks or financial organizations, potential suppliers of equipment and animals, or Russian design organizations. From our own experience we have often seen that technological project documentation helps the customers to see the big picture in full, to understand the cost part of the project (the logics of the whole production. consumption of feed, water, etc.), as well as the output of the farm (amounts of manure, number of animals, milk yields, meat outputs, etc.).
It is often very important to understand the animal turnover, group separation principles, milking groups, the whole accommodation technology of young calves and bulls, etc.

The main aspects included in the technological project are:
Construction part – drawings and descriptions (overall site layouts, plans and section drawings of buildings with dimensions of space and the parameters of installed equipment, floor angles, dimensions of the corridors, construction of walls and roof, etc.)
Technological part – drawings and descriptions (equipment parameters, ventilation system, feed and water systems, location of the separation gates, milking parlor, etc.)
List of equipment used on the farm – indoor and outdoor (machinery, feed mixers, loaders, etc.)
Descriptive part – presentation (concepts of reproduction and insemination, animal turnover, quantity indicators, input and output volumes, water and feed consumptions, manure output, animal output, milk yields, meat outputs, etc.)
Organizational structure – estimated production staff structure of the farm