Yes, we are a registered Limited Liability Company, registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. And the first thing we will offer to you is to sign a legal contract.

We work only on the prepayment scheme. 

Farm Inspection works only on the prepayment due to several reasons:

  • It is a common international practice in the consulting business
  • It helps all involved parties to minimize possible risks, like a sudden termination of the project due to various reasons; financial disability of the customer; it also helps us ensure our commitments to suppliers and subcontractors
  • It allows our customers to take the services and recommendations from our experts seriously, since they are offering knowledge, skills and intellectual solutions to optimize the management and improve the farm efficiency

The price of our services is calculated out of the following factors:

  • We always evaluate the knowledge and skills of our experts that they gained over the years of practical work in different project
  • We look at the possibility to fit the works according to the limited timeline, agreed with the Contractor
  • We look at the real time need to solve unique and unusual tasks during our work
  • We ensure the quality and take responsibility for our work

If there is a need for our specialists to go to the customer’s location, we also include transport and accommodation costs to the calculation. We always travel economy class and can show all the checks upon request.

It’s crucial for us to make our work easy and transparent, the most importantly effective. That is why Farm Inspection suggests the following scheme for cooperation:

  1. Contact, exchange of the input information
  2. Meeting with a Customer, negotiations in order to clearly define and fix the tasks in the technical task, as well to agree about the contents of the final report
  3. Preparation of a commercial quote
  4. Preparation and signing of the Contract for consulting services
  5. Prepayment. Normally it is 50-70% according to the contents and complexity of the works
  6. Execution of the works
  7. Preparation of the final report and signing a Transfer-Acceptance Act
  8. End payment of 50-30%
  9. Discussing the results of the audit, consultations, and prospects for further cooperation

Working with different farms during the past 12 years, we are sure that our services in technological support can help you:

  • To understand a real picture on your farm from different points of view: technologies, veterinary; production parameters, real costs, and other important aspects

  • To evaluate the strong and weak spots on your farm

  • To prepare a short-term and a long-term plans for the development of your company

The duration of the works for each farm is very individual. We can, however, define certain average timelines for most typical audits.

From our experience we know that negotiations normally take from 7 to 20 working days including the signing of a contract. The works take 2-4 working days depending on the complexity and number of experts. About 2 working days is calculated for travels. After the audit is done, we process all collected information for approximately 15 working days.

So all together you can expect to get a final report after 5-7 working weeks.

During our work we often deal with confidential information. We declare that none of the internal information will be either used without our customer awareness.

In Farm Inspection we aim to plan our time and pipeline of works in a way that each of the customers gets all the required time and attention in order to maintain deadlines and the quality of the works.

If you have other questions let you can write to us by using a contact form that allows you to send a message in the contact page, and we will get back to you right away.