LLC “WinTA” and the business platform Farm Inspection were founded and created by Taissia Mortensen in 2010.

Farm Inspection is an independent Russian company with a sole task to increase the efficiency of the Russian farms and agricultural complexes.

Over the past 20 years the Russian agricultural sector has moved far forward and is reaching a new level. More and more of the old collective farms and abandoned farms are being reconstructed and turned into the modern complexes. There are many green-field complexes built. A large number of abandoned land areas are being returned into production. Previously, the owners of the farms were not very well aware of the agricultural business specifics and were relying mostly on their personal understanding of the development. Now, however, there is a better understanding of technology, interconnection between various factors and the whole logics of the farming. The farm directors have learnt to understand the production economy and to see ways to improve and optimize their farms. The staff and production personnel have become more experienced, eager to learn from the international experience and are ready to take over the best practice approach within agriculture.

Despite the positive developments, however, we still continue to see the need to pay a special attention to management and technology in agriculture. If modern building materials, the latest equipment and even the most highly productive animals can be purchased and introduced quite easily, it is still not enough to ensure high yields and achieve a profitable farm economy. Unfortunately, neither innovative equipment, nor the number of animals will solve the urgent issues. This can be done only by the professional and experienced staff, which is unfortunately not always present. We are confident that the transfer of knowledge, technology and the optimization of management methods is the only way to success.

That is why our service model is built in such a way that for each specific inquiry, we find professional relevant experts and involve them in the project. Most often, we are working with farmers and experts from Denmark and Germany, particularly with regard to animal husbandry and agronomy. Likewise, we also have a proven base of experts in Israel, America, Australia and the UK when we talk about production of beef cattle, meat processing plants and optimization of greenhouses.

We are a group of experts in the field of agriculture in different production sectors: dairy and meat cattle production, pigs, field production, agronomy. We help to optimize your animal production or the feed cost, we can plan the reconstruction of the farm or improve the productivity of your fields, can introduce a modern vaccination program or to increase the efficiency of your field machinery park. We use the latest international innovations and experience of practical farmers to help optimize the agriculture in Russia.

We do most of the work for dairy and beef cattle farms, as well as pay a lot of attention to the field production, but the scope of our knowledge and competences is very wide. We have had projects for rice growing farms and vegetable greenhouses. We are confident that we can help you with technology, creating an adequate development strategy and, in particular, optimization of cost structures.

We always do welcome an open dialogue. So if you think you need our support, we will be very happy to get in touch. The more details you can provide us about the size, scope and needs of your production, the sooner we can help you.

Our company provides a detailed production expertise and technological audits for Russian agricultural holdings and farms.

We have been working with Russian farms for the past 12 years, and we are located in Russia.

We are a group of hands-on specialists, and not theoretical consultants. Our experts are farmers themselves, so the first thing they are always looking at is how to help you find a way to save costs and to improve production.

We usually work and talk with both the owners of the agricultural holdings, and with the production people: agronomists, tractor drivers and milkers.

We are always up for the efficient and effective outcome, so we choose a flexible approach and always try to meet the farmer’s needs in order to achieve the best results.

We develop efficient production plans, and optimize existing programs for livestock farms and crop farms.

We have a network of contacts, not only for all of the areas of the primary production but also for the processing plants of products (milk and meat).

We bring in real international experts, farmers and technologists to identify the major problems and to transfer the knowledge.

We work not only with largescale farms. If you have land, but you do not know how to use it, we can help. If you have only 100 dairy cows, we can also help.

Over the years we have been closely following the changes in the market situation in agriculture. Many producing companies are now thinking about and evaluating their cost structures. There are more and more automatization and software solutions that are integrated in the production. The farmers turn their focus to animal welfare and health status, which consequently changes the general approach to the equipment, medication and feeding routines. Many are looking for ways to optimize their costs for energy consumption. Despite the general opinion that energy is relatively cheap in Russia, the costs make up a huge part of the budget structure, and companies seek to find alternatives and more functional solutions.

We see, however, that many problems remain unsolved:

  • Operating agricultural farms have a constant need to optimize
  • Many farmers see the need to improve production performance
  • Due to the fact that investors often come to agriculture from other industries, they need to be explained about the main key performance indicators and the importance of various factors
  • Often, the large companies have a disrupted communication lines between the expectations of top management and real possibilities of the production staff due to several reasons: distant location of the farms from the management companies in the capital, discrepancies in the budget targets and the actual state of the farm economy, over or under evaluation of various key indicators
  • There is still a huge shortage of qualified personnel and hands-on production people
  • Agricultural farms often need a professional practical look from aside in order to understand the seriousness of the problems or to determine the right direction for further steps

Farm Inspection / OOO «WinTA»

  • Year of establishment – 2010
  • Company details: INN 5010039207 / KPP 501001001
  • Registered in Dubna: 141986, Moscow region, town Dubna, Promyshlennaya street, building 4a, office 2/4
  • The company has been working with «Moscow Industrial Bank» for many years
  • The company does not have any tax or social debts
  • The company is a trustworthy service provider
  • The letters of recommendation can be provided upon request

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